Food Blog, Shmood Blog.

(that’s totally how you spell “shmood” . . . don’t judge. )

Hello there! I have decided to be better about food blogging. I started one a few months ago, but I didn’t keep it up, because I didn’t like the layout of my server, and then couldn’t get motivated, then . . . you get the idea. Who was my server? It pains me to say this, but mobile me? You just don’t cut it. I’m sorry, but I’ve left you for a new, hipper, free version. I’m sorry things didn’t work out. But don’t worry, I am still in love with every other apple product out there. Fact.

Now that we have that over with, let me start out by saying that I am quite spoiled. I live in a community of about 15 people, and I am the head of the kitchen. That means I get to plan out the menu every week, do all the food ordering (grocery shopping with other people’s quid? Yes please!), head up any events we need to cater, and generally orchestrate all the magic that happens in the kitchen. Told you; this lady? Spoiled.

Note: I said quid. Quid means pounds. Yes people, I live in the UK-Scotland to be exact. So even though I’m cold most of the time, and in the winter I don’t really see Mr. Sunshine all that much, I am surrounded by breathtaking hills and quaint cottages and houses, and I’ll take that and put on an extra layer any day. Again: spoiled.

Just in case you were wondering though, I’m not Scottish; I’m American, through and through. Midwest to the bone, baby. So what am I doing in wee bonny Scotland, you might ask? And what is this chick all about, anyway? Well, I’ve added an ‘about’ section just for you!

Ok, enough talk about me, really. Let’s get down to the reason we are all here: food. We love food. We love making food. I like making food to share with people. Anything, really, that means friends can hang out, enjoy each other’s presence, and enjoy and explore the finer things in life (which, as I previously stated, is food).

So, let’s begin! And thanks for stopping by. (Last line: quote from “Anchorman.” I quote lots of movies; you’ll get used to it.)


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