Successful Day = Good Excuse to Bake.

Success! YWAM Scotland Day went so well! There were about 75-80 people here, milling about. ANd I want to say a big thanks to you guys, because you helped me process what I was going to talk about at the meeting. I was at a loss for words, and writing it out to you guys helped me; so thanks. It was a really sweet day of fellowship, getting to know new people, and reconnecting with those we had not seen since before Christmas break. It was a rich day, full of blessings.Oh, and for the fika/tea times? Delish, if I do say so! For our morning fika, we had . . .






And that was for the first fika, along with coffee, tea, and fruit. Second fika was less of a breakfasty sort and more of a desserty type. It was pure madness, in the best way.

chocolate chip cookies . . .

a mini variation of these giant double chocolate chip cookies . . .

As you can see. we had quite a day! It was such a joy to make all these things for my “family.” It’s one of my ways to say, ‘Thanks for all you do, who you are, your heart and your spirit, and I love you.’ When there are so many people in one place at once, and I don’t have time to sit down and have a meaningful conversation with each of them, I feel like baking them something and taking care of them is my way of saying those meaningful things. Does that make sense? Also, I thoroughly enjoy creating a space for people to fellowship. Making people feel at home, inviting them in and showing them hospitality with the space you live in as well as the presence you carry is so important to me.

So thanks, YWAM family, and I love you.

NOTE: Not all the pictures above are my own. The day got too busy to take photos throughout the day, so some of these pictures are from those that posted the recipes before me. Just letting you know! 🙂


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