This is what it’s all about.

I have been gone the past 20 days. Sorry all. But in all actuality, not sorry at all. The past couple weeks I have had the privilege of doing youth work; one week in Paisley, one week in Dundee. It has been eye-opening. Challenging. Humbling. Heart-swelling. Proud-making. Fun. Adventuresome. Heart-breaking. Rewarding. And all around, so worth it. I have been able to share life with about 12 youth from Paisley who moved into our home for a week, and dove into what we were doing. We focused on identity, relationships, local justice, global justice, and our response to it all. Watching each individual blossom and grow and have their minds expanded and hearts grown for the people around them was so humbling. Humbling that they have opened up to you and you get to be there during this time in their lives. Why me? What did I do that I would deserve this privilege? Nothing. But it’s happened, and I am thankful for each of these gems.I could talk for ages about these guys. Like how when we invited them one night to make cupcakes just for the heck of it, there was this one guy who wasn’t familiar with the kitchen, but decided to give it a go. By the end of the night, he was taking liberties with the decorating and going the extra mile to make them look amazing, then proceeding to parade around in a long pink flowered apron with two plates of cupcakes, passing them out to people, completely owning it.

Teaching these youth and watching it click with them, watching them get into it and own a skill made my heart beat faster. They started something that they were unfamiliar with, stuck with it, and had an end result they could be proud of. I love teaching people, watching the wheels turn in their head and then click. So exciting!

It has been an amazing time; however, it has been tiring, emotionally and mentally. I am ready for this next week. Mainly cause my parents are visiting! I’ll take pictures, nay worries, and share with you all the wonderful food we’ll be eating in Switzerland, Italy, Austria; you know, the usual . . . 🙂


Oh. This is a Brown Butter Ginger Chocolate Chip cookie. It’s kinda like heaven.

These are a few friends and I at an open mic. One of my favorite things with some of my favorite people.

Chocolate Chip Coffeecake, made in a baking adventure with two of the best guy friends a girl could ask for.
See what I mean? They’re awesome beyond words.

Remember when I posted that picture from when one of my friends and I went into the studio to record for a show we were doing? Well, this was the show. Just a simple song-cycle born out of the love for singing and theatre, and it turned into a house concert with a better turnout than we could’ve hoped for! About 70 people turned up, which was amazing. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll post a song or two later. :)That’s me for now. I am going to go hang out with a friend who is leaving for the states in a couple days. Good-byes suck, ya know? However, leaving means the end of a chapter and the start of something new. A new adventure, an epic beginning. And though it’s rough to move forward, you know that it’s the start of a new chapter, so wouldn’t you rather move forward than stay?



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