DIY Earring Holder.

Now, don’t get in your mind that I have traded in cooking and baking for crafting. No sir. But I had a ridiculous pile of earrings that needed organizing.And I found a wicked frame at a garage sale this past Saturday.

And I’ve spent a lot of time on pinterest lately . . . Whoops. Or brilliant. Whichever.

                                                        Old gold frame.                                                                                              Old lace from curtains.Let’s do this.

Line up the corner and edges of the lace with the frame. Spread the rest of the lace out so you can can make it all even.
Once two of the sides (the corner sides)  have been stapled down, trim your material with about an inch-inch and a half outside of the rim of the frame. You might want to double or triple up on the thickness on these edges so the staples won’t rip the lace. Roll it, and staple her up!
Side Note: I feel pretty BA with a staple gun. Just sayin.
Here’s the back . . .                                                                                                                 . . . and it’s done! Standing up, next to ma punkin.
I’m so stoked to hang all my earrings on it and find a place for it on my bedroom wall!Thanks for letting me share this with you.

What are your favorite craftie activities?

Also, I’m needing some ideas for creative autumnal recipes . . . what new recipes are you going to try?

Watching: “Tangled”


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