February 22: a Wednesday.

My last entry was this past November 27th. It was some nonsensical, ranting piece about the menfolk. Well, a mild ranting piece said with love and good intentions, and I served it with cookies, so it’s ok. It’s like eating a piece of cake, followed by a carrot; they cancel each other out, right? Of course.Even though I wasn’t fervently blogging every day, it was something I had added to my growing list of things to do. I wasn’t as stoked on it as when I first started, I’m not going to lie. I love to write, bake, cook, take pictures, and communicate with you fine folk, but the whole process of getting these little lovely bits onto the internet was taxing for this non-computer saavy lady. And I read once that you should only blog if you really love it. So I decided a break was in order. Not just for the sake of, but also I found my writing to start to take the shape of others. I know that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but if you are writing to be a voice, and you have lost your own voice, then what the heck are you doing? So this break was intentional. For some space. For some time. To find my voice and passion for blogging again.

It’s back, ya’ll.

I missed Christmas. Well, I personally didn’t but I didn’t get to share it with you. I missed New Year’s Eve, the Superbowl, & Valentine’s Day; all the usual occasions to make treats and beautiful food. I made some; maybe I’ll share it with you some day.

What else did you miss? Oh! I started Culinary School! I am on week six, and simply loving it! I could spend hours buried in my Intro to Baking and Pastry textbook, and have on many occasion.


I made peanut brittle . . . and peanut butter maple bacon cookies.
I’ll share those recipes eventually. Also, I made you a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake.

I have only made a couple cheesecakes in my life, so the language of is still relatively new to me. The ‘always’ and the ‘nevers’ regarding cheesecake is something I still must master, but if I can say this, this was one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating too much of.Maybe it’s the marriage of chocolate and pumpkin? Maybe it’s the whipped, rich, & not-too-sweet filling? Maybe it’s the fact that when you put chocolate, cream cheese, pumpkin, and chocolate cookie crust in one place, you really can’t go wrong. Ever. Fact.

I didn’t use a water bath for the cheesecake because the recipe didn’t call for it, but I might try one next time to prevent the cracking. I just figured if you slice it up nice yourself, you can hide those cracks and no one will even know.Go ahead-serve it to the mother of your man; she’ll be impressed, and the cracks will be our little secret.

I got carried away with the pictures! Sorry, ya’ll. That recipe will be up soon! I pinky swear. A few more moments as of late . . .Boston.

Brothers. I’ve absolutely loved being around these two gems.

Beans. Coffee beans, that is.
Thanks for letting me wiggle my way back into your hearts, minds, and reading lists. Love you guys.

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