Airplanes Don’t Have Kitchens.


Excuse my lack of posting; I’ve been out of the country for a bit. And actually continue to be. In Canada (I know, you had some picture of my roughing it in the villages of Indonesia, with monkeys swinging from the trees and only eating rice. Sorry to disappoint). Though I feel it’s hard to disappoint with a view like this (see amazing photo above).

Why Canada? Besides the bears, crazy accent, and weird affinity for gravy on fries?

Love, of course.

        just after getting picked up at the airport.           we found a guitar on Anvil Island. cue adorable duet. 
I have only been here a week with two more to go (yes, I am spoiled!), and I am simply adoring every part of I have visited. The people are lovely, and the scenery around  is constantly breathtaking. Being a Midwest girl, I am not used to majestic mountains at my every turn. Hills, maybe, but nothing so beautiful and awe-inspiring as here. We got to spend a couple days on Salt Spring Island, visiting family and exploring. Again, amazing. As if I expected anything else, eh?
salmon fish & chips in Steveston, BC, right after crossing the border from Washington.
his: pesto croissant & yerba mate. hers: ginger twist & americano. 
they love each other & breakfast in the sun.
On Salt Spring Island, at The Bread Lady, also known as Heather Campbell. Beautiful artisan bread, baked in a hearth-sized outdoor wood burning oven. I was in love. 
Simple morning breakfast: raspberries & apples from the market with yogurt, coffee & tea. And yes, he’s taking pictures of our breakfast. Add this to the list of reasons why I love him. 
Salt Spring Island Saturday market. Bread, gorgeous produce (purple carrot love!), pastries, and so many talented artisans! Crafts, music, and hippies; definitely my kind of morning market (or course the baked goods stole my camera lens’ heart). For a list of the vendors the the market, click here. 
So friends, this is where I bid you adieu. After so many adventures, I am needing to pack my bag for a road trip to Seattle for a wedding & Portland for the heck of it (Voodoo Donuts, Stumptown Roaster, Solid Rock Church, cousins, all good reasons we thought). My heart is ready to sit in a car with some Stuart McLean, drive through the rain, and make mini detours for culinary escapades.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my time with you. Means a lot. Kinda love you guys.


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