So, married life? Freaking love it. It’s hard not to love being married to your best friend, waking up next to him every morning & sharing sleepy I-hate-morning exchanges, working alongside him, wordlessly or laughing hysterically, making dinner with him, which most always involves a new recipe & new memory created, and just the simplicity of being with him. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be on a team with this handsome man.Thanks Lord, from the bottom of my heart.

Married means I moved. Said my goodbyes, & flew out the day after the wedding. Honeymoon in Maui is over (incredible, as Maui inevitably is), and we have been home about four days. Home in a new country, new climate, new town, where I am still finding my bearings. I’m loving every minute of it, it just takes adjusting, as all changes and new chapters do. Matt & I found an apartment back in July, & now that I have moved in, we get to do all the fun things, like decorating, figuring out what goes in what drawer,  and so forth. Y’all are totally going to get before and after photos when that is all fin . . .

All this to say, I haven’t been baking as much as usual (I know, no excuses!). Well, I have been baking some . . .

We made homemade pizza with a crazy delicious crust, garlic, onions, apples, & bacon . . .

We made baked mac and cheese with noodles we saved form Kraft dinner, made our own cheese sauce (roux + milk+aged cheddar), and toasted some gnarly delicious breadcrumbs for the topping . . .

We made haphazard chili for home group a few nights ago and slow cooked it to perfection with the few cans of things in our cupboards and lots of extra love . . .

I didn’t photograph any of these adventures. I’m sorry. Kinda.

But there are other adventures, thrown together meals that I can share . . .

Roasted garlic + kale + juice of 1/2 a lime tossed with a pile of spaghetti squash. Olive oil + sea salt are almost always added to achieve perfection.
Sauteed onion & garlic + roasted shredded chicken + baby carrots + chicken broth +a few comforting spices poured over cooked, unseasoned quinoa & fresh spinach, with a few small shreds of sharp cheddar on top. This is the best chicken soup I’ve eaten to date, bar none.
Why yes . . . dessert does get double the photo action. Chocolate leads a privileged life.Dark chocolate + cinnamon +hint of ginger + cream makes the delicate ganache inside these truffles, some which are covered in tempered chocolate & slightly dusted with cinnamon & pecans, some rolled in crushed pecans. Both were devoured at a similarly rapid rate.

Tomorrow I, em, WE (still getting used to this married lingo 😉 have a second reception for our family and friends here in Squamish. Here are a few moments from the wedding . . .



The kiss. Sigh. Still gives me heart flutters. Also a wee glimpse at my amazing, beautiful bridesmaids: my maid of honor & sister Jil, close friend & girlfriend of brother Natalie, and dear friend & kindred spirit Hannah.





I’ll share more later, dear friends. Thanks for being a part of my changing chapters.xx


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