Birthday Time, & 26 Things before 27.


So, I had a bit of a birthday last week. I guess it wasn’t a bit of a birthday, it was a real birthday, where I turned a year older and everything. Honestly? It was the first year in a few that I felt younger. You know the usual routine for birthdays in your 20s: you realize your childhood and adolescence are long gone, and you are closer to your 30s, which, in kid terms, is way old. But this year, there was none of that. I have felt lately that there are so many possibilities for the future that I am stoked to explore! Maybe it because I’ve moved from the Midwest, where it seems to me that there is expectation or some sort of pressure to get married and making babies ASAP. Start your career ASAP. Figure out all your goals and passions and dreams in life ASAP. Because if you don’t, you are falling behind somehow, or not enough, or not “doing it right.” Maybe this is a real thing that other people have felt, maybe it’s all in my head. And I don’t mean to generalize every person in the Midwest; I am just communicating my experience. Moving out to Squamish and living on the West Coast, I have been immersed in an amazing group of people that I have happily adopted as family. Some young marrieds same age as Matt & I, loads in their 30s, just having their first kids/twins (there is something in the water here that makes people have twins-it’s crazy!), and a handful of parent and grandparent type that I just adore. This intensely loving community are people that have been so supportive of where I am in life, and the dreams and passions that drive us towards our next crazy adventure together. I am blessed to live in such a place.All that being said, I made a list! 26 things to do before I turn 27 years old. Some are super attainable, some are goals that I would love to simply get a start on. Then who knows! With that being said, in no particular order, here we go!26 Before 27: 
1. Take a food photography course.
2. Dance to the song “My Girl” by The Temptations. 
3. Bake a proper loaf of artisan bread. 
4. Learn to cross-country ski. 
5. Camp out in BC under the stars. 
6. Take a blogger e-course. 
7. Find a way to make money writing & developing, and pursue it whole-heartedly. 
8. Do “The Artist’s Way” three-month program. 
9. Do a Vancouver coffee crawl.
10. Make cookies for all of our neighbors. 
11. Run a half-marathon. 
12. Knit an afghan. 
13. Bake my way through the Joy the Baker cookbook. 
14. Get into a body I really, really love without losing good food or abundant life. 
15. Learn to sail. 
16. Redesign & makeover my website. 
17. Write & develop a cookbook. 
18. Figure out the process of getting a publisher, & get published! 
19. Host a dinner party. 
20. Road trip down the West Coast & get at least as far as San Francisco. 
21. See Hannah, Lindsey, Sandra, Ding, & Amy (my besties, ladies I lived in Scotland with, who are currently peppered across the globe). Somehow, someway. 
22. Read a book a month for fun (novel, biography, etc). 
23. Understand hockey. 
24. Hug Joy Wilson & tell her thanks for being awesome and an inspiration. 
25. Be a wife who can love deeper, serve more selflessly, forgive quicker, pray more, pray more consistently, challenge in a healthy way, & be the woman I was created to be to benefit my husband. 
26. Be faithful in my prayer journal. 
27. Learn how to perfectly poach an egg.

So, there you have it! I know I will learn many things that aren’t on this list, and I probably won’t complete everything, but I never want to stop dreaming! What sort of goals or aspirations do you have? 

my love. 

oh! this is my new camera, Priscilla. isn’t she gorgeous??? we are pretty pleased with her. 🙂 

Thanks for listening, friends. Y’all are the best. xx

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