Thanksgiving Run Down!

I know it’s late, & it’s not going to help you with your upcoming Thanksgiving Day feast (Because Thanksgiving is past, & I’m sorry), but hopefully this will inspire you for your future feasts! When is there a wrong time to have a feast, amiright?

Here is my messy-brain in scribbling action! The page on the left is my brainstorm page, and the page on my right was my rough itinerary for the day of the feast. Can’t read my handwriting? Want me to type it out for you? Why, I would love to . . .Brainstorm Page (left page):

Baked Brie Bites *Joy the Baker* (Wed: assemble & freeze to be baked Thurs @ 4:45p)
Apricot & Goat Cheese Bites *Shutterbean* (Wed: prep goat cheese mixture, assemble Thurs @ 4p)
Peanut Brittle *my Me-Maw’s recipe* (Tues: make, break, and baggie)

TURKEY!!! *Martha StewartWit & Vinegar* (Wed eve: cut out backbone, break breastbone, rub butter & rosemary under the skin. Re-bag, & roast Thurs @ 12p)
Honey Yeast Rolls *Annie’s Eats* (Wed eve: make & bake rolls. Baggie.)
Cranberry Sauce *store (my husband is a sucker for canned cranberry sauce)
Mashed Potatoes *brought by friend*
Curried Cauliflower *brought by mother-in-law*
Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Wed: scrub & slice potatoes. Wash & fridge)
Stuffing *Pioneer Woman* (Wed morn: Cube bread & store in airy bag to dry)
Roasted Brussels Sprouts *Shutterbean* (Wed afternoon: wash & cut brussels in half)
Gravy *my momma’s recipe* (Thurs afternoon: immediately after turkey, make gravy with drippings)
Salad *brought by friend*

Apple Crisp *brought by friend*
Sweet Potato Pie *Joy the Baker* (Wed afternoon/eve: make & fridge overnight)
Cranberry Cream Pie *Cook Local* (I ended up making this unplanned pie Thursday morning)

Cranberry Champagne Jello Shots *A Beautiful Mess* (Wed noon: make & pour so they can set overnight)
Sweet Iced Tea (Thurs morn)

Scribbles around page:
make eggnog?
make pumpkin cookies?
shower? (not sure why I have a question mark next to shower . . . I did shower, I promise)
paint nails?

>>–Thanksgiving Day–>    right page:

9:30a: ->Matt to work ( he didn’t have to work until 10:30a, but he let me drop him off early so I wouldn’t have to get out while I was in the midst of crazy cooking. He’s the best like that.)
-> go to Ledge & pick up black table clothes, burlap, & extra cookie sheet
-> Canadian Tire: 12 pint jars, 12 quart jars
-> Collect a few branches for decor
-> Grocer: whipped cream, honey, loaf bread, parsley, extra cran sauce (because inevitably you will have forgotten a few things on your first big shop)
11a: make buttermilk pie crust-fridge disc for 1 hour. Make sweet tea. 
11:30a: turkey in oven-keep basting!
11:45a: decorate & clean up
12:30p: shape crust-back in fridge
1p: check turkey every 10 ish minutes
1:10p: start making cranberry pie. Put in oven when turkey is done (while in oven . . . 
1:20p: coat sweet potato slices with olive oil, salt, pepper, turmeric, & chili flakes. Fridge. 
1:30p: Let turkey sit; remove drippings. 
1:45p: make gravy
2p: sweet potatoes in oven for 25 min @ 400F
2:15p: cran sauce in dish
2:20p: make stuffing. In dish, ready to bake at 4p
2:30p: roast brussels sprouts for 20 min @ 400F. Make dressing. 
2:45p: finish decorating and preparing space.
4:45p: Baked brie bites in oven. Pipe goat cheese mixture on apricots; drizzle with honey. 

(That empty space between 2:45p-4:45p was an ambiguous finishing up details, things I forgot, things that take longer than I thought they would, more things I forgot . . . you know, the usual.)



buttermilk pie crust
I took pics through this process, but like a dunce, didn’t take pictures of the final spread! Overwhelmed with the arrival of guests, needing to change out of flour-covered clothes, & the excitement of throwing my first friendsgiving are what I am blaming. I will share what I have of the process. It was so fun!

slicing a loaf of french bread for stuffing

cranberry champagne jello shots

sweet potato pie


honey yeast rolls

buying this big-A 26 lb turkey . . . excitement


spatchcock turkey (aka, inappropriate turkey)

peanut brittle

cranberry cream pie



baked brie bites with champagne rose jelly

appie table

the man & best friend I’m most thankful for
Thanks for joining me on this epic Friendsgiving journey! What are your favorite feast dishes? And how do you plan out your crazy brain in preparation for the big day?

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