Homemade Laundry Detergent.


So . . . this happened. I know what you’re thinking. Either:

a) “Ya, I’m going to go make my own laundry soap . . . AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!”
b) “Soap-making is a long, arduous process that existed in colonial times, right before they milked the cows and churned the butter.”
c) “I have children hanging off me all day, & I don’t even have time to DO laundry, much less MAKE the laundry soap.”
d) “Did you know that they sell laundry soap in stores now?”
While these (most of these) are legit excuses, this was one of the most unexpectedly easy things to do! Seriously guys, it took almost no time at all, and it is ridiculously inexpensive to make! Plus it is natural & chemical-free, which is a huge plus. I’ve been slowly but surely removing the chemical & toxic cleaners from our home, and it is a lot less work than I thought. I expected to have to search high and low for natural products which would be more pricey than I would like to pay, but it’s refreshing to find natural solutions that take almost no work and little money.
My lovely sister Jil over at Nomadic Powers shared this laundry soap recipe with me. She figured out cost breakdown per load, as well as detailed instructions of how to make the soap. She is a new mama to my favorite little niece Ember & my bestie. Also, she cloth diapers & uses this soap. If any of you mamas out there cloth diaper and want to spend a heck of a lot less on laundry detergent, I highly suggest you cook some of this stuff up!
Visit Jil over at Nomadic Powers, & have fun making your laundry soap!
*Side note: In Jil’s recipe, she uses Fels Naptha soap, but I couldn’t find any locally. I did a bit of research and realized I could use Ivory soap & it would work just as well. Score! Good luck!***

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