Friday Favorites.

It’s Friday again, y’all! I hope your week has been a great one. Can you believe we are in March already? Bonkers. Here a few favorites that I’ve gathered this week . . .

roll dough & paisley

{one} Ashley from Not Without Salt gives an honest talk about what healthy eating really is, about moderation and enjoying the beauty of food, and shares some terrific looking Roasted Cauliflower Soup. Winter blues? Consider yourself beat!

{two} As if we needed another reason to love Jimmy Fallon, this video of him, Idina Menzel, and The Roots singing “Let It Go” is amazing. So amazing, I’m currently listening on repeat.

{three}  I want a jar of this in my hands. With a spoon. Pronto! I mean, chocolate covered pretzel peanut butter. Really.

{four}  Josey Baker builds a bakery! I’m visiting San Francisco, and I’m so excited to visit The Mill!

{five}  Listen to: Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack. Music composed by Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan, & Stark Sands. What???

{six} This real talk on dreams is so inspiring and encouraging. Thank you, Emma!

{seven} Elizabeth at Delight-fully Tacky has a rad issue of DIY Projects on Luca, a mobile magazine.

{eight} I think I’ve decided to put this Pesto + Avocado Sauce on everything; yes, on everything.

{nine} I can’t stop thinking about living in a small, nay, tiny house on a piece on land. Inspiration galore . . .

{ten} A home tour with Amanda Cowley is beautiful! That bar cart. Those frames. I’m diggin’ it.

{eleven} I am having home renovation hankerings so badly lately! I will have to busy myself with these fun, renter-friendly ways to make-over your space.

{twelve} These buttermilk beignets with piles of powdered sugar are haunting my sunny morning, cafe sidewalk dreams. They’re a must.

I hope your weekend is ballin! (Did I just say “ballin”? Oh geez . . . )


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