Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday, folks! The internet is down at my  house {boo}, so I’m writing to you today from the upstairs window of a coffee shop, where the rainy day and the Chief are in full view. Loving it! I hope your weekend is exceptionally great!

matt, outdoors

{one}  Seeing as gluten-free bread is so hella expensive, I’m so stoked to play around with this loaf! I don’t have a gluten intolerance, but it’s been really fun to play around with different flours lately; it’s a huge science, delicious science experiment! 🙂 Besides, these days the way that flour is processed, many people have developed a sensitivity, and I still want to be able to feed these people.

{two} Speaking of gluten-free, Shauna Ahern has an amazing, easy-peasy way to make your own all purpose gluten free flour blend! And she’s adorable, so there’s that.
{three} I just made these black bean brownies, and they are so good! I know I’ve posted about black bean brownies before, and though these don’t have a peanut butter swirl, I added pecans and sea salt. And I’ve already had three. So there’s that. {recipe coming soon!}
{four} In addition to my Joy the Baker podcast addiction & my Jillian Michaels podcast addition, I have recently discovered Balanced Bites, a podcast by two women who live paleo lives. I may not be paleo, but I love listening to the science of food and our unique bodies. And trust me, they are paleo jerks who talk about nothing but crossfit, their WOD, and are constantly judging people for having a craving outside their food realm. They are real & hilarious.
{five} In these days of staying at home, “working” at being a wife, home maker (difficult to do when you don’t actually have a place, but we’re making it work :), blogger, & recipe developer, you tend to, well, be at home a lot! Leggings & a comfy tee or sweater have been my uniform, as well as my daily workout clothes, and I’m getting to the point were it’s hard to feel cute anymore! Elizabeth from Deightfully-Tacky has some cute inspiration for everyday outfits, and as a fellow blogger & fellow PNW lady, she can relate to leggings and tees for days! Thanks for breathing fresh life into my lazy clothing routine.
{six} Seeing as I dream of living in a tiny house, look! Tiny kitchen organization tips. Huzzah!
{seven}  This green protein smoothie has my name all over it! I love green smoothies, and have been looking for a way to make them more protein packed. Hemp seeds? Don’t mind if I do! Also, this blog’s adorable author, Angela, is going to have a baby. YAY!  Congrats!
{eight} A couple weeks ago, I did a giant closet purge and got rid of 1/4-1/3 of my dresses and shirts that I just never get around to wearing anymore. It felt so good! It felt even better that the consignment shop took almost all of it! Gotta love making a bit of moo-lah. I also picked up a few basic essentials while I was at aforementioned consignment shop, including my first romper (finding a romper to fit a lady with a long torso is a task!), one amazing black dress (I sold three mediocre ones and got a super hot one-success!), as well as a few other pieces I’ll have to show off to you guys sometime! When purchasing well-made essentials, I love to find colorful accessories to help me create different outfits. Here are a few of my favorite fashion/ lifestyle bloggers that are inspiring: love taza, delightfully tacky, a house in the hills, a beautiful mess, these threads
{nine} As Matt & I are planning a hypothetical/very possible Europe trip, we have grown to love everything Rick Steves related! For Christmas Matt got the Europe Through the Back Door as well as a great map of Europe with a lot of the train routes, bus routes, and sights on it. He is an expert at traveling on a budget, which will be necessary for us! It’s so fun to dream and plan big things, eh?
{ten} When you have been craving stuffed shells, for weeks, but still want some greens in your diet, these stuffed cabbage leaves are perfect. This recipe calls for a nut-cheese “ricotta,” but I’ll probably make a batch soon. Then it will melt beautifully over the filling, and all my dreams will come true.
{eleven} There is a new Joy the Baker podcast available on Homefries! Gotta love these ladies.
{twelve} I made these Browned Butter Apple Doughnuts Holes a while back, and I’ve been craving doughnut holes again in a big way. How to make these a bit healthier? Maybe some buckwheat flour & maple syrup? Applesauce? Maybe subbing a honey cinnamon glaze rather than browned butter? Oh geeze, now I’m hungry . . .



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