Friday Favorites!

I know I was gone. I think I do this thing, this thing that happens when I get a bit overwhelmed, or I feel pressured, and just shut off and/or withdraw. In this case, the looming fact that the internet is never ending and no matter how many ideas I have, I will never be finished with the internet, well, that kinda made me feel like I was a perpetual failure. I also took a bit of a vacation, so that helped on the perspective frontier. Being with friends who know me inside out and want to encourage me creatively is such a blessing to have. Plus we got to road trip from San Francisco, up the Oregon coast, and ended up in Squamish. Can you say hella beautiful?! I’ll post pictures of that soon, but first I’m back with a few favorites from the interwebs.

matt & anna, engagement

{one} These turmeric breakfast muffins look super intriguing! I’m a huge fan of incorporating loads of turmeric into your diet, so this is a new way I’ll have to try.

{two} Oh, these kitchens are so gorgeous and inspiring! I am aching to get a place of our own and go crazy with making it ours.

{three} I get to be in two weddings this summer (my younger brothers are both getting hitched-crazytown!), but that means I may need to clean up my act and do this 21-day sugar detox before these is a bridesmaids dress on this bod and a camera in ma face. Wish  me luck.

{four} Two-layer raw chocolate brownies. There are no other words. Can I have these on a sugar detox? We’ll go with yes?

{five} Tiered indoor hanging plants done tastefully? I can get on board with this! So fresh and inviting.

{six} I made my variation of Smitten Kitchen’s blue sky bran muffins for church last week, and they were such a huge hit! I subbed a mixture of oat flour, wheat bran, oat bran, and ground flax seed in place of just the bran, made them a miniature size, and placed a single raspberry in the middle. Adorable and delicious.

{seven} Ten tiny houses you can rent on AirBnB. That cottage in Austria?! Such a fairy tale.

{eight} Mindy Kaling interviewed Billy Crystal, and got to pick his brain about “When Harry Met Sally,” his new show “The Comedians,” and the magic of chemistry. I laughed out loud so much! Oh Billy, you’re a favorite.

{nine} A peak into the fridges of some well-known chefs. How people stock their fridge says a lot about them . . . or nothing. But it’s interesting!

{ten} The Budget Minded Traveler. I have just found this chick’s site, and I am excited to pick her brain and explore through her adventures! Hopefully I can glean some helpful hints for planning our Europe trip.

{eleven} Citrus Almond Olive Oil Upside Down Cake. Really, this is one of the prettiest desserts I’ve ever laid eyes on. I might hang a picture of it on my wall . . .

{twelve} This apple cheddar galette was so fun & easy to make, not to mention incredibly delicious. I’m trying to figure out another way to combine apples & cheese . . . any suggestions?

I hope you all have an amazing Friday, and an inspiring weekend!


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