Family Reunion Time!

matt & anna engagement by cheeky baker


Hey remember this guy? Of course you do. I talk about so much, it’s like he’s my husband or something.

I love him.

Also, I’m meeting a gigantic portion of his family this weekend! My mother-in-law’s family is coming in from all across Canada, and we are gathering at a church camp a couple hours from here. I am so excited to meet this crazy group!

matt & anna, engagement dance by cheeky baker
Secret time? I am a little bit nervous! I am hoping nervousness doesn’t transform me into a “trying-too-hard-and-says-the-inappropriate-thing” girl. I’ve been that girl too many times. Let’s pull it together, Anna . . .
I take any thoughts, prayers, or well-wishes you want to throw my direction! I’ll be back with an amazing report (fingers crossed!).

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  1. Anna we loved you as soon as we met you . The King Family will as well.Have a wonderful weekend & Wedding Celebration…the weather is going to be hot & sunny too. Love Paula xo

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