The 21 Day Sugar Detox – in the thick of it!


Last post I mentioned that I was doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox, which is a program released by Diane Sanfilippo, the author of “Practical Paleo.” I mentioned a few reasons that I was doing this dang thing, wedding and summatime being a couple of them. And friends, I’m in the thick of it! I am on day 13, and I feel pretty good, minus the random cravings for certain things (I am hankering a margarita pizza something fierce! Chewy crust, buffalo mozzarella . . . stay strong!). For some reason though, I thought this would be a bit easier than other extreme detoxes I’ve done, and truthfully, it is! I haven’t really felt deprived after our meals, and I have enjoyed going through this cookbook, taking note of where Diane creatively pulls flavor into the dishes.

You know when you are on a detox, or even when you are just really hungry, and your sense of smell is heightened? And in that moment, all of a sudden you want to eat everything that is available to you because ohmygoshhowcaneverythingsmellsogoodrightnow?! My flavor brain is experiencing this at the moment. I have been suffering from a bit of creativity lack, just not being able to come up with anything that I felt like hadn’t been done before. I felt like whatever I said was recycled from someone else who could say it better, and I was feeling a bit lost. But now that I am experiencing a lack in my own palate, I am pairing flavors that are either new to me or flavors that I miss, and I feel like I just have more ideas. Which is a really good feeling, especially for someone who feels like flavor creativity is something that is close to my heart; it was discouraging to be dry of ideas. But there are things that I am so excited to share with you guys . . . coming soon. 🙂

Can I tell you guys something about this that sucks though? I annoy myself sometimes. It only happens when I have to explain myself to people, and explain why I have decided to avoid these things that included grains, dairy, sugar, some fruit, and other things that can turn to sugar in your body. There’s usually a lot of, “Are you trying to lose weight?” “Oh, you’re on a diet?” “What can you eat?” and the occasional “Oh ya, you’re on a “detox.”” (I hate air-quotes) As I even start to try to defend myself and defend my decision to pass on bread at the appy table, every word that comes out sounds pretentious and kinda like a dick, like I am all of a sudden so much higher and mightier than anyone else who decides to eat devil bread. So I stop trying to explain myself, get kind of red-faced & embarrassed, and just mutter, “It’s just a dumb thing I’m doing, I’m not even sure why I am doing, and I don’t know if I’ll finish it.” I would rather eat a piece of bread than for others to think that I think I am better than them for one dumb reason or another.Green Smoothie {21 dsd} by cheeky baker

But alas, I did indeed pass on the bread and ate my shrimp & salad to my hearts content, a bit frustrated with myself for getting angry in the first place. None of these people asked in malice, so I have no right no think they are attacking me at all. I am still figuring out why I am doing what I am doing and if it’s even working, so these are simply questions that I have already asked myself and am processing. I think I just get a bit too sensitive sometimes when I don’t have a set answer ready for someone, when I am “in process,” so to speak.

But to be real, aren’t we all “in process?” Aren’t we all on a journey that involves a lot of guessing, trying new things, and most of the time messing up and trying again? We need to be encouraging each other to be trying new things outside of our comfort zone, and being each other’s cheerleaders! Championing others is such a rarity in this over-competitive life; we need each other. We need to have grace with each other, and with ourselves.

I know I talk about grace a lot, but does it ever get old, or ever become something that we don’t need to hear? I think not.

A lot of you have asked me if I am going to be posting about my walk through the 21 DSD, and I haven’t been keeping a strict journal, just snapping a quick picture every now and again with my trusty iPhone before I eat a meal. But I will share some of those snapshots and recipes with you soon! Happy Tuesday!



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  1. I did the 21 day sugar detox back in May. It is definitely hard to explain to people. I’ve honestly never understood why me not eating something seems to bother other people…but oh well. You are doing a good thing for your body and you will end up encouraging other people who maybe need to make a lifestyle change. 🙂

  2. Coffee can help take the edge off, because it binds to the same receptors in the brain that the sugar does. I wouldn’t drink any past 1pm though 😦

  3. I say, you don’t have to explain yourself to anybody and especially feel embarrassed.
    Good way to go about it .. I’m trying different eating styler to see what’s besr for my body.
    I haven’t bee heating dairy for 2 years (and not planning on starting) and people accept me the way I am and respect my food choices.
    Hang in there!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I have to just remember that people aren’t berating me, but that I am simply taking comments the wrong way. I don’t think people mean to do it to be rude. Kudos for eating healthy and taking care of your body. You hang in there as well! 🙂

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