Off to Europe we go!

So, this is the part where I may have to break y’all’s heart a little. I told you Matt and I are going to Europe, ya? We are leaving on Tuesday-how amazing is that?! We have been so busy lately that the fact that we are leaving soon hadn’t really sunk in until yesterday. But our backpacks are packed and waiting by the door, I’m cleaning out our room and pantry, and we are literally flying out in three days. WHAT?!?! Can’t even deal!!! 

matt & i

matt & i color run


matt & i wedding hotties


Yes, I know we are adorable. I am so excited to adventure with this man!

However, here’s the part when I might kinda break your heart a wee bit . . . I won’t be blogging when we are traveling. I’m not even bringing my computer or my camera. We’ll bring Matt’s small netbook for booking rooms and such, and we are each bringing our iPhones to take pictures, but that’s it! I am so excited to take this break. It will be hard to be away from a kitchen for so long, I will really enjoy eating baguettes and cheese and fruit in the park for days on end, and really enjoy experiencing the cuisine that each country has to offer!

Would you like to follow us around Europe? Of course you would!



So here is where I leave you! I will be back mid-November sometime, just in time for pumpkin & autumn, cinnamon & scarves, and plenty of European inspired food! Thank you guys for all your love and support. Y’all are the best, for real.

See you later, alligator! xx



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