We’re back in beautiful British Columbia!

Well hello there!!! We are back home in Squamish, our home sweet home! We have missed the constant pouring rain and the damp cold, the thick grey fog that hangs out around the mountain tops, and our lovely family and friends. And we got back just in time for the Christmas season to be in full swing! We have been back a few weeks, and have given ourselves some grace and time to adjust from extreme jet lag (morning that begin at 3:45a because your body loves Iceland time aren’t fun) and time to get used to our own beds, a real-life adult schedule where we have to do house cleaning and grocery shopping and be responsible. Go to work? Find a job? You know, all those details that surround grown up life. But really, I’m loving it. I had been missing the daily details of life, so now I’m just finding weird comforts in switching the laundry over, changing sheets, scrubbing dinner dishes, and most of all, the solace and serenity I find in creating meals in the kitchen. le sigh. However, I do have an arsenal of adventure imprinted in my brain, visions of castles, romantic languages, and rolling landscapes that tell stories of their history, and these can keep me company whenever the daily become monotonous.

If you haven’t been following out adventure album on Instagram ( #daviesgotoeurope ), here are a few bits of the first moments of our journey. We started in Scotland, where I got to show Matt around my old stomping grounds! 🙂

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Here are just a few tidbits from Scotland, from Edinburgh to Glasgow to the Highlands, all with my love  dear friends. I’ll be back to share more, but I’ll also be back to share something delicious with you all! Because I am armed with a kitchen now, and I’d like to think I know how to use it. 🙂 Thanks for your patience during our vacation, and thanks for letting me share with you. You’re basically the greatest. xx


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