So many things can happen in one month . . .

Oh hello there! Let me start this off with a disclaimer . . .

/////WARNING: These next photos have not been Pinterest approved. These depict the craziness and reality of life that usually exists behind the photographer. Proceed with caution./////

Now that you have been warned, WE’VE MOVED!  Yes, Matt & I had been searching for our own place, and we found a cute, clean 2 bedroom apartment in Squamish! I have been so excited to settle in, y’all. We spent about 14 months living in a giant house in community, and it was a fun learning experience! But we were ready for our own space. We had been in limbo for a while, just focusing all our attention and efforts on Europe (which was incredible, and I am stoked to show you all more of our amazing adventures!), and now that we are back we have wanted to feel more settled. I had been itching to nest & rest in a place, and didn’t really feel like I could do that in our last place, seeing as we were just renting a room and the rest was community space. But this place is simple and clean, and is calling out to me for some decor & character! I hope I can deliver. 😉

But for right now, here are a few pictures of our humble abode, complete with dishes, unpacked boxed, half-unpacked boxes, and clothes drying in random places. 🙂

{view from the front door, our dining nook & kitchen}




{better view of our kitchen}
kitchen{living room}


{guest bedroom}

2nd bedroom

{bedroom, complete with unmade bed & breakfast dishes}


{the view from our bedroom door . . . I love this light in the mornings}

bedroom window

So there it is! I cannot begin to explain to you how excited I am. Today is a sleepy Saturday, both the husband and I have the day off, it is pouring buckets outside our window, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day but to settle & nest, roast a chicken, finish crocheting my blanket, and spend some quality time with the love of my life (who has been in the hospital & doctor with kidney stones this week, but that is a whole other story! He’s fine & mending, btw).

And now, I am going to go unpack a few boxes and hum to myself. Thanks for letting me share our home with you guys!



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