Essential Oils.


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Happy Monday! So, if you follow me on Instagram {you can find me on @annaraedavies} you might know that the past few months, I have been diving more and more into the world of essential oils. This past spring/summer I had dabbled a bit here and there, buying lavender and tea tree oil for cleaning products and general smelling nice. I’ve done a fair bit of research into what brand is best, what their sourcing ethics are, how pure the oils are, the brand mission statement, how much they cost, etc. After much deliberation, I decided to go with doTerra essential oils. They are CPTG (Certified Pure Theraputic Grade), which means that they aren’t diluted with any carrier oils, are processed in such a way that they are safe to be ingested (ingested in partnership with common sense, which means use a drop or two, not a whole bottle, especially with hot oils!), and they are ethically sourced from farmer’s around the world, which also means that they are grown in their original habitat and climate. doterra kit

I decided to dive in {go big or home, as they say} and I bought the Natural Solutions Kit.

The kit contains:

  • 5mL BOTTLES:
  • 10 mL BOTTLES:
    HD Clear
  • 15 mL BOTTLES:
    Citrus Bliss
    Slim & Sassy®

On Guard® Collection:

  • On Guard Protective Blend (15mL)
  • On Guard Beadlets
  • On Guard Toothpaste
  • On Guard Hand Wash w/2 Dispensers

Other Products:

  • Life Long Vitality
  • TerraZyme
  • HD Clear Foaming Face Wash
  • Deep Blue Rub
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz)
  • Sample Vials
  • Aroma Lite Diffuser
  • Wooden Box
  • Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet
  • Enrollment

I know, that’s a lot of words and a lot of things and I’m still figuring out what the heck it all means! But so far, I have really enjoyed learning more and more about the oils and incorporating them into our everyday lives. How, you might ask? Well, we use our diffuser pretty dang consistently.At night, I usually diffuse something soothing & relaxing {like lavender or serenity}, and during the day I like to infuse On Guard (their immunity boosting blend that smells so freakin good!) and lemon or lemongrass. But it varies from day to day, what I am needing at the moment, and which specific oils have the properties I can benefit from. For example, lately I have been stressed a bit {moving, my dear sweet husband’s kidney stones (poor guy 😦 ), working, taking on some more church worship responsibilities, regular life nonsense, etc}, so I have been diffusing Balance (their ground blend) + lemongrass (day) or Serenity (night). It has helped my nerves and my emotions so much! Really, it’s been incredible. I came home this afternoon with a zillion things on my mind, put water, a drop each of Balance and Lemongrass, turned on my diffuser, and stuck my face in near it for a minute. Guys, I was in heaven. I was able to continue with my afternoon duties stressless, and I kept smiling because every time I walked into my bedroom, I smelled the scent of happiness. le sigh. Thought I should share that with y’all.  I also use a drop of lavender on my feet at night (the pores on the bottom of your feet, especially the arches, are very large and you are able to absorb all the beneficial qualities of the oils faster), a tiny, tiny drop of oregano on a small wart on my foot {TMI? Sorry, it’s real life}, lavender on the back of my neck and temples for a headache, lemon or peppermint in my water {lemon=cleansing, peppermint=digestion}, and there are so many more that I use day to day and I can’t wait to share them with you guys! This was just a lil tidbit of how I have incorporated essential oils into our lives, and I have seen improvement and practically immediate results. It’s insane, in the best kind of way.

I will share more with you later, but if you want to learn more about doTerra oils, how they work, what else they offer, anything really, you can visit the Essential Oils tab in the menu bar. Thanks for letting me word spew! Love ya bye.xx


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