Sick Day Necessities.

Hey y’all. So, I’m sick . . . fever, chills, sore throat to boot, sniffles, the works. I took a sick day to take care of my bod, and I’d like to share with you how to do that naturally! I am a big believer that your body is equipped with what it needs to heal itself; sometimes we are in need of things that help along the natural healing process. Here’s a bit of my medicine cabinet . . .

EOs sick day

:: gargle with warm salt water every 1-2 hours ::
:: drink equal parts warm water + apple cider vinegar + Tbsp raw honey ::
:: topically apply frankincense & lavender oil to outside of throat (healing & anti-inflammatory)
:: frankincense, oregano, & on guard to the bottoms of feet ::
:: gargle warm water with one drop melaleuca + one drop lemon ::
:: diffuse on guard all day to boost immune system ::
:: warm water + ginger (helps tummy after sinus drainage) + turmeric (anti-inflammatory & promotes circulation) + honey + lemon juice ::
:: echinacea throat spray ::
:: sipping on warm homemade bone broth with extra garlic all day ::
:: REST!!! ::

Speaking of rest, I’m going to go refill my honey + lemon + ginger drink, curl up with my incredible husband, and watch some more “Nashville,” because you guys?! In it, SO in it. đŸ™‚

How do you take care of yourself when you’re sick?


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